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The Griswolds – Heart Of A Lion EP

The Griswolds‘ titular track Heart of a Lion has a music video that almost perfectly encapsulates the band; they’re bubbly and bouncing all over the place with seemingly endless energy and enthusiasm.

The Griswolds

Music that makes you smile and let’s you dance like you’re on Cloud 9. The Griswolds, you make us Happy :)

But just at the right time they slow it down a bit and let you calm your heart and appreciate their brilliantly bright genius…before pumping you right back up again and leaving you with a smile permanently pasted onto your face. Quite the feat for an EP that is only 11 minutes long.

Lead singer Chris Whitehall is quite bashful about the manic devastation of their filming location:

“Chris claims that while they ran the idea by the studio, “nothing could have prepared them for how destructive it was. The walls were pink, four meters high and we spent the next week cleaning and repainting the studio.” – The AU Review

In interviews and fan encounters, the band (Whitehall in particular) appear to be quite shy and overwhelmed with their success, quite a contrast to their live shows and energetic tracks. But they certainly deserve all the praise that has been coming their way, and there has been a lot of that:

“A tight and confident debut, Heart of a Lion is an impressive collection of songs from these Sydney boys.”adamNOTeve

“The Griswold’s ‘Heart Of A Lion’ EP is one that plucks the heart strings, makes you blush and makes you want to party all at the same time. It could be said that this EP is reminiscent of a perfect first date, and I know we are all waiting by the phone to see if they call us back for the second time around.”Purple Sneakers

“The Griswolds are a great band and provide the world with another good reason as to why we think Australian bands should be on the world stage.”Sydney Morning Herald

The Griswolds are currently playing the last of their shows for their The Courtship Of A Summer Preasley World Tour, currently with three more nights booked in the Netherlands. We’ll let them off the hook for a little while after they get home, but there better be another national tour in the works soon.



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