The Melodrones deliver an atmospheric journey of lo-fi delight on 'Sonny'

The Melodrones deliver an atmospheric journey of lo-fi delight on ‘Sonny’

After the release of their debut single R.I.P Hollywood last year, The Melodrones have returned with a new single, Sonny. 

In case you’re in need of a bit of catching up, The Melodrones are a Sydney-based garage-pop group. After releasing R.I.P Hollywood, the group firmly established their place on the radar of local music fans. The stage had been set. What they then needed was a solid follow-up; one that justifies comparisons to early Jesus and Mary Chain or My Bloody Valentine.

The Melodrones’ new single Sonny is a warm and inviting journey of lo-fi garage-pop bliss.

Sonny certainly delivers on those fronts. It’s a gem of a song that captures that lo-fi, guitar-driven sound very well. The atmosphere is inviting and warm, owing quite a good deal to the choice of guitar tones. A long, low, sustained drone drenched in distortion pops its head into the frame during the last chorus. Its effect is subtle but demonstrates that The Melodrones possess a thorough understanding of the sound they are shooting for. Props have to go to producer Tim Powels of The Church.

A common issue that arises for these kinds of lo-fi pop bands is finding an effective way to cut through all of that sweet, sweet ambience. While it’s nice to drift in a sea of reverberating guitars and vocals, there needs to be a hook, a payoff, a reason to be there. Fortunately, The Melodrones have more than accounted for this, executing a fine balance between groovy rhythms and sonic dives. Frontman Dick Neville delivers his lines with a stern attitude in the verses before he’s joined in unison by Mel Drone for each chorus. The two vocal styles combine beautifully as they navigate a wistful, melancholic melody.

As the track progresses, Patrick Harrowsmith of Green Buzzard delivers a tasteful guitar solo before a careful layering of elements are constructed for the crescendo. Call and response melodies, backing vocals, and a shimmering guitar line send the song into a heavenly loop as the fade-out begins.

The Melodrones have created a delectable little number with Sonny. Keep an ear out for the release of their debut EP in March, and in the meantime, check out the new track above.