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The new Output Thermal plugin dishes up all the colours of crunch

Thermal is the latest offering from plugin masters Output. It dishes up the most comprehensive distortion you can think of, covering a range of tones between subtle saturation and devastating crunch.

What’s more, it provides a highly interactive interface—a hallmark of their processors and instruments—making distortion a living, breathing entity to incorporate into your mixes.Output Thermal

Distortion is an essential process for bringing sounds to life and gluing mixes together. Output’s Thermal elevates warmth and saturation to a new level of sophistication.

The typical reason for distorting a sound is, of course, to lend a tone some rock ‘n’ roll attitude. A less obvious purpose is to inject harmonic distortion into a mix as a way of helping a whole song ‘glue’ together. Judiciously used, it can also help individual tones translate effectively across a range of different listening mediums (adding harmonic distortion to a kick for example to it can be heard on smaller speakers for example).

Thermal tackles all these tasks and more. Distortion (which itself can be transformed by a combination of up to three algorithmic stages) can be blended with a host of modulated and ambient effects. But if diving into the deep end seems intimidating, there are more than 250 presets for instant playability.

Visit the Output website for all the details.