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The Reason Rack Plugin is finally coming to Pro Tools

Released last year as part of Reason 11, the Reason Rack Plugin brought the instruments that made Reason popular in the first place to a variety of your favourite DAWs – with one notable exception.

While last year’s release included both the VST3 and AU plugin formats used by Ableton and Logic, among other popular DAWs, it did not include the AAX format used by Pro Tools. Now, Reason has announced that the plugin will be available in AAX for Pro Tools from May 5.Reason Rack Pro Tools

Last year’s release of the long-awaited Reason Rack Plugin had everything but Pro Tools compatibility – now, it’s on the way.

The AAX plugin format was introduced by Avid with their 64-bit version of Pro Tools, so it differs from other formats in that it requires 64-bit processing. Reason have evidently accommodated this with their latest update.

Pro Tools users may have been feeling left out before this announcement, and for good reason. The full suite included with Reason 11 includes 73 total devices, including 28 instruments and 31 effects. This includes a range of acclaimed synthesisers and drum machines from Reason, a number of modular devices, sequencers, arpeggiators, and more.

The compatibility update for Pro Tools is certainly a welcome one. For more information on Reason 11 and the Reason Rack Plugin, head to Reason.