The ReChords throw the book out the window, announce a series of double A-side vinyl releases

A single on vinyl is an exciting release at the best of times. And while Melbourne outfit The ReChords have been putting music out since 2009, it is now that they have decided to throw caution to the wind and do things a little differently.

The band have announced that they will be releasing their next batch of tunes in a series of single releases, each on 7-inch vinyl format; the first of which will be their be latest singles, Mockingbird and Seeing Things, set to be released as a limited edition double A-side.

the rechords

The ReChords are gearing up for a massive year, announcing a series of double A-side single releases, kicking off with two rollicking tunes, Mockingbird and Seeing Things.

The ReChords are by no means a conventional act to begin with: a three piece consisting of acoustic guitar, electric guitar and upright bass, all three of whom act as lead vocalists, their sound is unique and demands attention.

After working with David M.Turner of Los Bomberos Studio in Northcote since December 2016, the band have ten songs in the bag, including the initial singles, which have already been released.

Following the release of the Mockingbird/Seeing Things double A-side, the band hope to release the rest of their tunes into the world in two to three month intervals

Each release will include individual artworks and an insert sleeve of the track’s lyrics – plus a digital download for those tech savvy folk. It’s an awesome initiative that we are stoked to see kick off.

Speaking about the singles series, the band are thrilled about what they’ve been working on, and want to give each track the chance to have its own life.

“What better way to celebrate some of the best recorded work the band has produced so far, than to release these current and future tracks as individual pieces of work in their own rights,” they said.

 Mockingbird is sassy and deep. Building quickly, the song stands tall on its howling vocals and abrupt harmony lashes. The midway solo breaks the song up nicely and drops in something all together more gripping as we head into the finale. It’s contemporary country without the sugary pop elements that are often caught in the mix.

In comparison, Seeing Things is mellow, brooding alt-country at its best. The double bass is a refreshingly classic addition and the sharp guitar work creates just the right amout of grit. The gorgeous sensual lyricism is jarred with the jangling country tones and makes for a fun, catchy track.

We’re super keen to see what happens with the exclusive vinyl releases. It’s an interesting concept and one that will speak a lot to the relevancy of vinyl and the connection to the music that comes with a staggered release.

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