The Ruminaters mess up Europe with a solid tour and keep a diary to prove it

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Bloody loose units The Ruminaters have been attacking life and the tour as only they know how, beer down, belly up and balls out. Spawned out of ol’ mate Sydney, the guys have been sticking together and they’re getting somewhere. Particularly the nirvana that every Australian backpacker/ gap yahr keeno/ anybody who is anybody, el Europa. Here are the photos and mayhem to prove it.

The Blue Meanie

The Ruminater
Pencil picked up this piece of crap for 50 euro from a music store in Schio, Italy. He needed something to piss everyone off with whilst on the road. It was originally too ugly to name but Pencil eventually found some paint under a seat at a bar in Geneva and that’s when The blue Meanie was spawned.

Bologna Italy

The Ruminaters

We originally picked up our tour van in London and our first show was a 16 hour trek across to Ancona, Italy. So, we made some well thought out stops along the way and this was one of them. We stopped in Bologna originally because our drummer Teddy G’d us up about some mythical turtle farm. Was bullshit, we reckon he just wanted a spag bowl from Bologna. (where it all began!)

Jarleth Bass

The Ruminaters
Jarleth’s the only member in our band that practices before shows. Don’t know why, he tends to fuck shit up anyway.

Pencil & moss at La Cupa

The Ruminaters 
Jake and Pencil trying to put down an espresso at our first gig at La Cupa in Ancona, Italy. This place was a playground for us with a half pipe out the back, heaps of beer and the best Lasagne anyone can ever put in their mouth anywhere ever.

Pencil & moss bent on a tram

The Ruminaters
Pencil picked up these kids sunnies from a servo in the middle of nowhere. We told him they looked good on him so he’d wear them lol. This is us illegally riding a tram in Rome attracting no attention to ourselves what so ever. We’re good at that.

Pencil & Ted with Freez

The Ruminaters
Ted and Pencil giving our new buds Freez some love. We played a gig with these Italian punks in Ancona. They belong in California though. They gave us an album of their’s and its the only CD we have in our van, so every time the car starts they come on. We know all the words now.

Pencil live in Schio

The Ruminaters
A rare shot of pencil when he’s not upside down or doing kart wheels across the stage for once.

Pencil playing by the River

The Ruminaters
Pencil has a way of making something against all odds kinda work. I mean he’s wearing kids sunnies, a pink “country life” t-shirt, a purple leather jacket, white pants, (probably brown socks that come up to his knees) whilst holding a blue nylon string. This is in Bellinzona, Switzerland. Pretty place, Pencil you’re out of place.

Pencil speedo

The Ruminaters
We thought Pencil was going to look like an absolute weirdo at the beach. But in fact he actually fits in way more with his Euro speedo.. Ostia beach about an hour from Rome, Italy.

Pre show beers in Geneve

The Ruminaters

We do this a lot. Drink free beer and wait for a shower or food or a bed. Never gets old when ya surrounded by ya best buds.

Punk Pencil in Rome

The Ruminaters
This was pencils hair cut in Rome. We matted up his fringe and gelled the sides slick back. He loved it. We thought it was the funniest thing ever and we laughed for hours. Not one other person even raised an eye at him.

Rumies at Colosseum

The Ruminaters

This is the 5 of us out the front of the colosseum. We thought we were a 4 piece but apparently not. Old mate plays bass too. Yeah, we have 2 bass players now i think?

Rumies in Lundun

The Ruminaters

The boys in LUNDUN! After 30 hours of travelling we look fresh as daisies. We are lucky this photo even got taken actually, our boy Darcy who came along to shoot and document our whole tour got pissed in a private lounge at Bangkok airport and nearly missed his flight. He delayed the plane by 30 minutes lol sorry everyone.

Rumies with their mad van in London

The Ruminaters

Weren’t expecting sunshine and 25 degree days in London but we somehow brought the light. This is us posing like the mad posers we are in front of our freshly retrieved tour bus. Its a bloody ambulance. We’re driving on the wrong side of the road but on the right side of the car. Way to confuse yaz

Ted bang in his drum

The Ruminaters
We played a show in Belinzona, Switzerland. Not sure if it were a biker bar or not but every one was huge with shaved heads and tats, we fitted right in. These legends got an old projector and put on a liquid light show behind us while we played. This is Ted doing his signature drum move with his signature “Pierre” sticks.

Thanks for having us

ruminater 16
Everywhere we’ve been so far the people have been crazy awesome. Last night we played at a squat house in Nancy, France. The legends who organise it invited us to their house to play pool and drink and sleep. Thanks heaps everyone. See you in space.