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The Trouble With Templeton

The Trouble With Templeton hit the ground running from the start and they’re only growing to new heights from here. For the first twelve months the moniker was in fact just one man; Thomas Calder was an ambitious twenty year old with some scavenged gear and an idea to record an EP within the confines of his Brisbane residence; and so the hauntingly beautiful Bleeders was born in under three weeks.

Where The Trouble With Templeton really hit a stride was mid-way through last year when ‘he’ became ‘they’. The essentially solo act expanded to become a five-member band that somehow has the practiced and polished feel of a group that has been creating music together for years.

The Trouble With Templeton

The spiffy young maestros of The Trouble With Templeton create devilishly melodic masterpieces with their polished rock sound.

If their latest single Like A Kid is anything to go by, this band of Brisbanians is headed for great things. For a second ignore how utterly terrifying that music video is and reflect all the times you’ve heard that song in the background since it’s release earlier this year. From the first note you’ll remember, remember how it’s been played a million times on Triple J, how it’s on every clothing store playlist and how you still like it.

This is not the kind of song that you can overplay, each listen represents a new audio experience, it’s familiar but with every play it creates a new narrative. It’s the same kind of experience with their other tracks too, if you take some time to listen to Six Months In A Cast there is an immediate connection.

So far The Trouble With Templeton have had a jam-packed 2013, touring across the US and Canada, with plans to play again on home turf soon, celebrating the release of their first full-length album this coming June. With the promise of new tracks to delight the ears of listeners and a national tour in the works, The Trouble With Templeton are keeping the momentum up and their game faces on and we’re excited!




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May 8, 2013

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