There were no drug hospitalisations at Splendour despite ‘record amount’ seized

There were no major hospitalisations at Splendour in the Grass over the weekend, despite police seizing a “record amount” of drugs at the festival.

The high quantity of drugs seized is most likely a reflection of the number of patrons at the festival also hitting a record high of 42,000 this year, compared to 37,000 last year.

Photo: Dani Hansen

Despite a “record amount” of drugs circulating around Splendour in the Grass over the weekend, there were no drug-related hospitalisations.

More than 350 drug detections were recorded and 2.8 kilos of illicit drugs were seized, predominantly MDMA tablets and cannabis. One of the biggest offenders was a 21-year-old man who was allegedly found with 220 MDMA caps, as well as cocaine and cannabis, found stashed in his car on the campgrounds.

“It’s disappointing that despite the warnings, we continue to detect the possession and supply of these illicit substances,” Tweed/Byron Police District Commander Superintendent Dave Roptell said. “The safety of festival-goers remains our number one priority.”

This comes just a week after an inquiry into the drug-related deaths of six young people at music festivals was held in Sydney, the results of which are yet to be released.

Deputy State Coroner Harriet Grahame visited the festival on Saturday to view policing and medical measures, as did Jennie Ross-King, the mother of Central Coast woman Alex Ross-King, 19, who died at a Sydney festival in January.

The inquest heard that Ms Ross-King, who died from MDMA toxicity, consumed almost three capsules before arriving at the festival because she was scared of being caught by police.

Ms Ross-King’s mother attended a pill testing explanation session at Splendour, and has since voiced her wishes for pill testing to be implemented at future festivals, rather than large scale police presence which can scare festivalgoers.