There’s a hidden 5th LP in the packaging of Kamasi Washington’s new album

Over the weekend, jazz lord Kamasi Washington dropped his epic new album Heaven and Earth, and oh boy, it’s an experience.

With a sprawling two and a half hour run time, the double album is available physically as a four LP vinyl set. But apparently four LP’s just aren’t enough…

Yes, that’s correct. There’s a fifth LP hidden in the gatefold packaging of Kamasi Washington’s huge new album Heaven and Earth.

The hidden fifth LP is concealed in the album’s centre gatefold, and you’ll need to use a pair of box-cutters (or something sharp) on the perforated cardboard line to access it. Be careful though, you don’t want to cut too deep and damage the record below.

The LP is a 40 minute long EP called The Choice, which hauls the album’s run time up to three hours and ten minutes long.

If you haven’t yet listened to Heaven and Earth, do yourself a favour and hop on it now. It’s an experience.

On the record, Washington fuses together elements of funk, soul, jazz, and psych to deliver a sound that is uniquely his own… and I’m pretty sure he just became my favourite artist currently making music.

Seriously, what a guy.