Three baboons were on the loose in Sydney's inner west yesterday

Three baboons were on the loose in Sydney’s inner west yesterday

Baboons loose in Sydney hospital? This is an actual thing that happened. Three baboons, one male and two females, managed to escape from their transport vehicles and wander the car park of the Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) hospital.

Patients and others who spotted the animals took to social media to spread the news. It became a pretty hilarious ordeal.

via: Richard Jones/BBC

Three baboons escaped their transport trucks near Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. Police and hospital staff helped to safely recapture them.

The male baboon was due for a vasectomy late Tuesday afternoon. The two females were there to keep him company and make sure he was calm, which is actually the cutest thing.

Onlookers were quick to report their sightings of the baboons.

“Mate I’m deadset serious, I’m at RPA, I’m six floors up and I was just having a gaze out at the carpark … and there were three baboons in the carpark,” one man told presenter Ben Fordham. “I’m deadset serious. They even had shiny red bottoms.”

And again, “My daughter is an occupational therapist at RPA and she said ‘yes mum, I’ve just helped wrangle them’.”

Although the baboons’ unexpected escape is slightly hilarious, concern for their safety and well-being quickly arose on social media. The NSW Police were quick to provide updates on the situation.

A spokesperson said, “Just after 5.30pm officers from inner west police area command were called to a car park on Missenden Road and Lucas Street, Camperdown, after reports three baboons escaped while being transported. They are currently contained and police are working with experts to safely return them to their facility.

“There is no immediate danger to the public but people are advised to avoid the area.”

NSW Health Minister, Brad Hazzard, told the Guardian that the baboons were not being moved for research and further informed them of the vasectomy.

“He was having a vasectomy because there’s no desire for him to continue to breed for the troop, and the other option was to move him from the troop,” he said. “This way, he can stay with his family through until old age.”

He added, “I understand they’re extremely well cared for. They are quite placid and behaving themselves far better than one would expect.”

Amazing news. I hope the baboons enjoyed their accidental little city adventure.