Man’s cursed carrot chopping technique goes viral on TikTok

A man has gone viral on TikTok after sharing his unique method of chopping carrots by using his mouth, and yeah… this feels a little wrong.

TikTok has seen some pretty hectic stuff on its site taken down for violating user agreements, but a video of this guy chopping carrots with his teeth just violated me and needs to go.

After his “efficient” method went viral it wound up in front of a lot of us and it’d be great if I could wash my eyes out with soap now. Bugs Bunny would be proud, I guess.

Bugs Bunny TikTok carrot

The audio on this is one is pretty chilling, it’s like ASMR but for sadomasochists. Our pro tip is to take out the headphones before giving this a watch, but if you want the full experience, be fearless and keep them on.

Who is this man? Who’s drinking a bunch of blended carrots? How long has he been doing this?

@steel.jobe“It’s efficient” ##TikTokFood ##HeinzHalloween ##fortheboyz ##fyp♬ original sound – Steel

Anyway, if you need some eye and ear bleach, go back and watch old mate vibing down his cranberry highway to Fleetwood Mac for the 49th time. We’ll be right there with you.