TikTok user says he was ‘detained’ after heckling Scott Morrison in Penrith

It seems as though nowhere is safe for Scott Morrison after a string of confrontations from locals during his latest election campaign tour.

A Young Labour activist says he was “detained” after heckling Scott Morrison at an event in Penrith last night.

The TikTok user and self-described “progressive activist,” Adisen Wright crashed a private event that was held for the PM in Sydney.

Scott Morrison heckled
Credit: TikTok/adisenofficial

Wright asked the PM for a photo, approaching Morrison as he said, “I just want to ask one question, ScoMo”.

Scotty got a bit antsy when he saw Wright was filming, and told him it was a private event. The PM hurried away as the horrors that unfolded in Newcastle last week flashed before his eyes.

Sure enough, the PM was heckled once again, as Wright began to shout at the PM who was now on the move.

“ScoMo, across the river here, across the Nepean River, people lost their house — people lost their houses and they were burnt,” he yelled, before finishing up with an impactful one-liner: “You’re a disgrace. You are a disgrace.”

In the video posted to TikTok, Wright is approached by police officers after the encounter. “Look, I didn’t know it was a private event. I genuinely didn’t. So I apologise for that,” he admitted to police.

“But I just wanted to ask a question because look, I’m a — I obviously care about government and in our area we got, our house was incredibly impacted,” he said. “We just want some action”.

Despite Wright’s claims that he was “detained,” according to police, he was asked to move on and “left without incident”.

Watch the encounter unfold below.

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