Tropical Strength share their spectral cover of The Beatles’ If I Fell In Love

Baroque pop duo Tropical Strength have today released a cover of The BeatlesIf I Fell In Love as part of their forthcoming Under The Covers album, due for worldwide release in March.

It’s the band’s way of preparing both themselves and their fans for the upcoming Farmer and The Owl Festival, where they’ll be playing alongside local favourites Shining Bird, The Pinheads and Luke Spook as well as international superstars The Garden, Beach House and Deafheaven.

If I Fell In Love is Tropical Strength’s first single from their forthcoming Under The Covers album, which sees the duo reimagine old favourites in their branded whimsically spectral fashion.

The band’s Under The Covers EP will see Tropical Strength release a new version of an old favourite each week until the festival kicks off. With both Al O’Vera and Sir Dinsington well-versed in home-recordings, each of the tracks possess sort of ambience that suggests their music has adopted the character of their home.

With an interest in the whimsical surreality of nostalgia and a fondness for childhood and the domestic, the band have almost created brand new songs out of the skeletons of the old. Their covers are spectral, disruptive and almost eerie. Tropical Strength has successfully reconstructed the aural mood to subvert the original meanings of the songs. Listen to the track below.

The Strength’s debut album Zutti was released worldwide in May last year via Farmer and The Owl. Under The Covers, Tropical Strength’s second album consisting entirely of covers, will be released for fans in late March.

Tropical Strength is playing Wollongong’s Farmer and The Owl Festival in March. Grab your tickets here.