Turns out Pornhub gets more visitors per month than Netflix, and I’m looking at you

In news that may or may not surprise, a new report suggests that Pornhub gets even more visitors than everyone’s favourite binge go-to Netflix, and that’s saying something.

Even more popular than Pornhub, apparently, is XVideos, as well as Twitter, Facebook, and of course, Google.

pornhub traffic

You dirty dogs: apparently Pornhub is more popular than Netflix and I’m just going to leave this here.

Conducted by Fast Hosts, the report ranks the busiest websites in the world, revealing that the two porn sites feature in the top ten, surprisingly, ahead of Netflix and Amazon.

Pornhub just scrapes in, taking out the tenth spot with a whopping 2.404 billion visits on average each month. Top dog is (of course) Google, which raked in a mindblowing 78.551 billion visits. That’s a damn lot of searching.


On a heavier note, the news comes as Pornhub has recently been the centre of a campaign which aims to expose the website’s profiting and enabling of sex trafficking. The campaign is calling for the closure of the site and at the time of writing, a petition has almost two million signatures. To find out more about #Traffickinghub, head here.