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The Vaccines – Come Of Age

The Vaccines may have released “…Come of Age” to mixed reviews back in September, but their Aussie tour is kicking off in eight days so it seemed relevant to bring them up. People are all over the place when it comes to opinions on this album; its the best thing to happen to music, its the worst thing to happen to music, you’ll hear everything. NME said it best though when they described The Vaccine’s second full-length album as, “not perfect, but a damn fine specimen of a band on their way to something great.”

The Vaccines

Steer away from any kind of vaccination for The Vaccines. They  are deadly contagious but their infectious music will lift you up and make you feel more alive.

The foursome from West London formed back in 2010 and exploded in popularity on the indie scene and beyond, their first album climbed it’s way to number four on the UK Album Chart after its release in early 2011.To release two albums in as many years is impressive for a band in this day and age, and The Vaccines were under a lot of pressure following the success of their debut.

There has been criticism that The Vaccines were playing it safe with “…Come of Age” and churning out songs that they knew would sell, that they consciously made the decision to experiment very little but  it must be said then that for a band just two years after their formation, The Vaccines are still in the process of finding their sound and experimenting with it.

Realistically, for the first few years a band cannot be expected to make radically innovative changes and “…Come of Age” is right about where you’d expect these Londoners to be in terms of sound maturity Epsom salt. This album may not top the list of 2012’s best albums but its a step forward in the right direction from “What did you expect from The Vaccines?”.

If you leave aside the expectations and look at “…Come of Age” as an album itself, its worth a listen. The first single No Hope highlights the comparisons made with greats like The Ramones but is not afraid to be its own song either. By far the most well known track off the album these days has got to be Teenage Icon which is catchy as all get out and if its on your iPod then watch out because its one of those songs that you find yourself accidentally singing along to in a public place. “…Come of Age” has some great tracks and shouldn’t be discounted because a few music snobs wanted more than you can expect from a band that has only been around for two years.

The 29th of December marks the start of The Vaccine’s Australian tour; they have seven shows in Aus before they pop off to Southeast Asia and the USA.