The latest Valheim patch has got everything you need for Halloween

The latest Valheim patch has got everything you need for Halloween

The latest Valheim patch features craftable Halloween decor – just in time for this special spoopy season.

Valheim, the hit survival game, has just launched a new patch. In keeping with the season, there’s a Halloween-themed decoration, as well as some much-needed quality of life changes.

After the previous Hearth and Home update, Valheim’s developers have been hard at work tweaking the game to make it easier on players, and have even included a spoopy little addition with this recent patch.

Image: Valheim

Meals like boar jerky and blood pudding will increase the amount of health and stamina given to players based on the effort it takes to craft them, and breaking the oven and cooking station will now cause food items to drop. The stamina drain when using melee weapons has also been decreased after player feedback — many players found it incredibly challenging to maintain their stamina bars during combat and travel after the Hearth and Home update. Axes, swords, maces, atgeirs, and even tools such as the pickaxe will now cost less stamina to swing. Also in the patch is an increased in durability for knives, amongst other small changes.

In addition to that, players can now craft the Jack-o’-turnip to get into the Halloween mood. Which brings up the question: do Vikings even celebrate Halloween? We can only wonder. All you need to craft it is two resin and four turnips (the math doesn’t quite add up – I guess four regular-sized turnips would give you one massive spooky turnip?), and be in range of your workbench. The Jack-o’-turnip is fuelled by resin, so you’ll need a consistent supply of it to keep it glowing.

You can check out the game here and the full patch notes here.