‘All My Friends’ from Vauus talks end of the world angst with red wine-fueled hype

Multi-disciplinary artist Vauus tackles modern-day anxiety with flair on his indie-dance track All My Friends.

Melbourne-based artist Vauus is a natural at embodying youthful energy. Whether that energy soundtracks climbing on the roof of a sharehouse to drink cheap piss or getting sweaty on a neon dance floor, it’s entirely up to you. We first heard Vauus’s pulse in full-force on his synth-banger Boy, where exploring hedonism and drug-fueled nights came second as nature.

All My Friends achieves even more than simply being an arresting indie-disco tune with a vibrant music video. It provides a reason for the youthful chaos, partying, and recklessness in his micro world. The reason? The world is ending.


Before delving into the lyrical and instrumental substance of the new release, it’s important to know Vauus’ artistic journey. Though it’s easy to hear his natural talent for composing infectious disco rhythms, there’s a lot more to the man.

Since moving to Melbourne, Vauus has played in a band, attended the Victorian College of Arts, directed the award-winning feature-length film The Age of Imitation, and totalled over 70 compositions for his films. Understanding this multi-disciplinary commitment to his craft, it should come as no surprise that All My Friends was written, directed, produced, and starred Vauus himself.


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Sonically, All My Friends is straight-up demanding of attention. Its tropical synth line bounces along with the take-over-your-body power of Drake’s Passionfruit. Then, you’ve got the witty, charismatic observations of Vauus presented via glitch-vocals; running in the same vein as recent The 1975 projects.

“All my friends are confident that the world is coming to an end. So lets hedonistically head straight into it,” he says. This no-fucks-given attitude reminds me of a sentiment from another multi-disciplinary talent, Donald Glover, aka, Childish Gambino: “If you’re going to miss heaven, why miss it by two inches?”

Visually, All My Friends is as strong as the track itself, if not even stronger. The film clip positions Vauus is his loose swagger, clutching a mic like it’s karaoke night and sipping red wine from a glass between lyrics. Behind him is a projection of the music video. Its vibrant summer moments of beach babes, fireworks, and epileptic flashes of neon lights portray a world in chaos.

Everyone is enjoying their time of debauchery while it still lasts, and discussing the future in the early hours of the dawn. When commenting on the track, Vauus said: “I think a lot of young people share this anxiety of knowing that because of global warming, the unstable structure of capitalism and the fragile egos of politicians that we may likely see the end of our world in our lifetime”. There’s no better indie-disco artist than Vauss qualified enough to soundtrack this feeling. Enjoy, from the bedroom or the dancefloor.

Check out the track here.