Vid O’The Week: GOVS – There Comes A Time ft. San Mei

A tribute to those existential star gazing nights as you floated in the pool, surrounded by the music and people you can’t live without. A tribute to the firework spectacles where you relied on those glorious explosions to launch your aspirations into the promising unknown. A tribute to the times you were high on the drug of life and you felt you could be your true self without an inch of doubt.

With nostalgia, optimism and a deep sadness written all over it, this is a song that might just take you back to your fondest memories in the most vivid and breathtaking way. I only know what I feel and this song carries with it the feeling of complete content from the past and lets you dream of a bright future. The beautiful poignancy of  GOVS‘ magic will dazzle you…like the stars in his eyes.


Gold Coast wunderkind GOVS’ latest track There Comes A Time, showcases his talent as a multi-instrumentalist/ producer, creating a wall of enthrallingly lush synth saturated sounds

Gold Coast, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter/producer, GOVS ( aka Josiah Birrell) continues to make his mark in the electronic, dream pop scene with his latest release, There Comes A Time, featuring the equally dreamy San Mei. If it was every possible to feel whole and infinite, and a fading consciousness that drifts mindlessly along the conveyor belt of life, then this song will do the trick – numbing bliss as you drown in the noisey layers of deep reverb saturated synths and mounting climaxes of pursuit and release, with the line “There comes a time, we all fade away”  a constant reminder.

Remember when we brought you Australian Summer? I described it as: “At times it’s oceanic breeze nurtures you and summer’s sun glistens upon your skin, at others the tumultuous rainy climate brings out the dull spirit in all of us. GOVS rippling vocals with its crystal like tone has this lucrative appeal. The heartbeat like pulsation of warped synths and echoing percussion create the dynamic feel of expansion.”  There Comes A Time exudes an intense next-level sense of elevation from Australian Summer.

Self-described as “a messy Logic Pro session with about 100 instrument tracks and about 50 reverb plugins,” you can tell a lot has gone into making this seamless ambient track full of airy echoing vocals, sprightly and glittery synths, sweet and delicate harmonies, and the fusion of Americana through the  combination of NBA samples from the 1992 grand final in the middle section with San Mei, mixed with GTA video game police chase samples more prominent in the outro.

The “lost 80’s VHS music video” of GOVS will take you back to the retro roller rink, with sullen and romantic lighting to set the mood. With an outfit that matches the video’s backdrop a little too well, it’s like one moment Josiah shines like the disco ball he is, and the next he fades into the background – silver against white which shares the same blue hue might give you that impression. Deliberate or not, it works on so many levels of symbolism.

Happy: What is There Comes A Time about?

GOVS: It’s really open to interpretation, but I began writing the lyrics when I first recorded the piano about a year ago.

Happy: What was the filming process like?

Mick (Director): The whole film clip came by in such an organic way. Josiah, who lives over the fence, came to me with a concept, some left over glitter material and his ultimate location. This film clip was great for me to explore a totally different direction compared to all my other works. I assembled a small crew and started evolving Josiah’s idea of an ’80s inspired world.

Our aim was to make the film clip seem like it had been lost in the ‘80s and now found again in 2014. As Josiah’s inspiration was from the ‘80s I started viewing the world of VHS. I knew after watching a few videos that a plugin for any post software was not going to give us the authentic VHS look that we were after, so I worked closely with Sean Ryan (DOP) and had a look at what David M Helman did with the JOEY BADA$$ film clip FROMDATOMB$. From there we decided to film digitally and output our digital files onto VHS, then back to digital.

Happy: What’s the story you tried to evoke through the music video?

Mick (Director): There are still people out there that hold VHS close to their hearts and there is just something special about watching and old VHS tape. I wanted to capture Josiah and Emily (San Mei) in that nostalgia and give people some personality even though the audience might not know anything about them.

Happy: What/who are your musical inspirations?

GOVS: Anything thats makes me feel nostalgic… of late, anything that’s come out on the OVO label. Washed Out’s album Paracosm has been a personal favourite. I’m a drummer first, so if it’s got rhythm I’m usually into it.

Happy: What’s next for GOVS?

GOVS:  Not sure what I’ll do next, hopefully some more film collabs with Mick. I’d like to do an album in the not too distant future.

Happy: What did you try to achieve with the NBA/GTA samples?

GOVS: My imagination for that part was to paint a picture of the ghetto street which leads into a big city of fame and fortune … it’s a metaphor/juxtaposition of being down and out and feeling on top.

Happy: What makes you Happy?

GOVS: Mangoes

This track from GOVS may help you reflect on everything that makes life sweet and remind you to live in the moment. It encourages you to treasure what you have and to offer, because before you know it your time will come to an end and your life might be defined by what you left behind for others to be inspired by. There comes a time for you to be inspired by GOVS and that time is now.

Be sure to check out Come & Dance – an afterthought to There Comes A Time. Transport yourself to this underwater paradise. On that final note, this blue pool of euphoria sounds like a pleasant hideaway to end in and fade away for a while.



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