Vid O’The Week: The Grease Arrestor – Come Together

I never really considered myself a ‘fan’ of shoegaze-drone rock as I mostly have indie folk circulating through my veins. But after countless reviews and exposure to this rock genre I have grown fond of it. I feel like this band has caused an epiphany within me and broken through to my core, cementing that genuine love for the genre – a next-level appreciation if you will. It must’ve been their “Groove-drones and jangle freakouts… jiving rhythms and gazey fuzz-tones,” that pulled me out of this stubborn state because I can’t see my life without shoegaze- rock now…introducing The Grease Arrestor.

grease arrestor

Vid O’The Week by The Grease Arrestor is dangerously kaleidoscopic and trippy. Sit back, relax and enjoy a vivid journey through the ages.

Now don’t be misled by their name. Appreciate them as the band that can remove all the grimy unpleasantness out of your life with their music- not the device that quite literally separates grease from water …

Expect good times and good vibes from this psychedelic-shoegaze-drone-garage five piece band from Sydney, with Samuel on guitar and vocals, Rick on guitar and vocals as well, Liza on keys, vocals and percussion, Ryan on bass and vocals and Josh on drums.

Their latest video Come Together pays homage to the past and it’s role in shaping the ever endearing present. It brings all these generations together is a constructed expanse of time, so we can explore a journey through the ages of dance, politics, love, music and the simple pleasures in life that we don’t often acknowledge as having originated from humble beginnings .

In the words of The Grease Arrestors, experience a “A celebration of the timeless. An ode to the eras. The connection of all things,” – a tribute to the yester years and a lifetime of love, loss and struggle shrouded in the knowledge that things do have a positive ending if you just decide to dance.

This nostalgic track gives off a 60s-70s Rock n Roll vibe. Expect archival footage, modern editing which allows the band to fuse into a past memory with their presence and an endless psychotic trip. This track perfectly compliments the video- proof that if this song existed in the past, it would’ve been played in various clubs and bars across the generations.

Following the band’s first full release What Was, Is (2014), their second forthcoming album takes on the influences of the 60s golden era and the movements of the 90s with their signature drone and groove sound- if you liked Coming Together then you should definitely check out the rest of their album.

Let me leave you with this sentiment: Back and forth, back and forth, sway with the woozy saturated reverb of the guitar, oh The Grease Arrestors what an exemplar.



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