Vid O’The Week: Hedge Fund – Object Of My Affection

Hedge Fund‘s latest music video for the track, Object Of My Affection, will make you go insane with the explicit tease of sexual tension. The free and fast moving, and often incomplete black outlined drawings in this animation, plays with the idea of being present in your fantasies, and yet remain heavily detached from reality – in your fantasy your imagination is able to run wild, but as soon as you fall back into consciousness, the mission of immortalising a thought or memory distracts you from living in the moment and you are left feeling incomplete.

hedge fund

Sydney’s indie alt-rock band, Hedge Fund, bare all in their music vid for Object Of My Affection – visually simplistic, but conceptually epic.

Sydney indie pop-rock shoegazers Hedge Fund, have really nailed matching the video concept with the thematics of Object Of My Affection – when it’s directed and animated by lead singer William Colvin Mckenzie, you can only expect the concept to translate well on screen. The animation consisted of 4000 hand drawn frames and took over 200 hours to complete – solid effort!

Will explained to the AU Review what the song was all about: “This is a stalker-romance about obsession…it’s about the almost schizophrenic distortion of reality that can happen when someone thinks they’re in love with someone they don’t really know”. Surely we can all relate to this…eye sex* anyone?

This track wastes no time as the opening immediately explodes into a grungy indie rock tune, before toning it down to allow the indie pop essence to comes through –  this is short lived as the chorus then emerges, bringing back the same energy as the opening. The structure of the song and the repetitive lyrics gives the impression of Déjà vu – but at the end of it, you’re like, “Is that all? I want more!”.

Happy premiered Object Of My Affection back in October last year if you want to have a squiz here. If you’re digging Hedge Fund, why not check out The CreasesApes, Drunk Mums, or The Delta Riggs.

Catch Hedge Fund at The Captain Cook Hotel, Paddington, Sunday, 15th March.

* Eye sex: “the act of two people staring at each other in such a lustful way they might as well be doing it”…hello there stranger.



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