Vid O’The Week: Jamie T – Zombie

After Watching World War Z, I have this irrational fear of a zombie apocalypse – I would die if someone jumped out from behind a door to scare me, I’d question the audacity of people living in these opulent mansions with a measly little fence to protect them (clearly they have more important things to worry about then flesh eating zombies!), and if anyone made a ruckus in the still night by tripping over something metallic and noisy, I’d question, “Why, why did I even invite you, you idiot, now we’ve all going to die”!

jamie t

Vid O’The Week is full of zombies, but this rock track is so lively. Five years on we are glad Jamie T has new music and is alive and well! Barely…

So you probably think I’m bonkers for choosing this Vid O’ The Week – it’s called Zombie, it’s got zombies, I’d be stupid to watch it with all the warning labels in place. Zombie by alternative rock singer- songwriter, Jamie T is a super catchy indie rock song with an equally devilish music video –its right balance of creepy and comedic will cure you of your zombie phobia*.

This track is from Jamie T’s long awaited album Carry On The Grudge, with his last record, The Man’s Machine, released five years ago.

The music video is full of blood and gore, creepy and unsettling stares, realistic and detailed deathlike makeup, anatomically correct zombie movements and the life-like ripping of limbs and yet the musicianship is ever crisp and melodically refined.

The song opens with Jamie T’s carefree vocals– depressive as ever. Before long the track kicks into overdrive as a burst of energy is released, making this an incredibly alive song – oh the irony in that it is only when they are beyond death, that energy sources appear to be infinite.

The driving and grungy guitar riffs, together with the lively percussion and aggressive vocals, gives Zombie a classic rock n roll vibe. The menacing laugh of Dracula from the gothic horror realm, reminds you to not get too complacent – there’s a real threat of zombies about.

The less than impressed colourful characters  in the music video that look blankly at the band, remind me of how you’ll see people on drugs at gigs as they just stare back at the singers like zombies. Plus the daggy zombie dancing is a dead give away they’re on something.**

Carry On The Grudge will be released September 29th. Definitely something to look forward to on that date!

He’ll be on tour in the UK from 30th October, so if you’re keen you better grab your ticket cause they’re selling faster than the speed of a stampede of zombies x 1000 – that means fast!

To those in the UK, feel free to let us know how Jamie T’s gigs are…or not, but hopefully you will since it did take a long time to just type up those gig dates in an orderly fashion. What can I say, we aim to please.

Dates below:

Thursday 30th Oct- 02 Academy, Bristol

Friday 31st Oct- 02 Guildhall, Southampton

Saturday 1st Nov- UEA, Norwich

Monday 3rd Nov- 02 Academy Newcastle

Tuesday 4th Nov- Rock City, Nottingham

Friday 7th Nov– Academy, Manchester

Saturday 8th Nov- 02 Academy, Leeds

Monday 10 Nov- Barrowlands, Glasgow

Tuesday 11th Nov- Barrowlands, Glasgow

Thursday 13th Nov- 02 Academy, Birmingham

Friday 14th Nov- Alexandra Palace, London

Saturday 15th Nov- Alexandra Palace- London

Monday 17th Nov- Academy, Manchester

Tuesday 18th Nov- Liverpool University, Liverpool

* This video is not  guaranteed to cure you of your fear of zombies, for the superfluous claim is only based on one study of one person. My guess is the author of this article .

** Moral of the story, drugs aint cool because daggy dancing aint cool.