Vid O’The Week: Running Young – Out of Time

As a witness to all the devastation, what if you had the words but couldn’t speak – traumatised by the horrendous catastrophe that damaged you both physically and mentally. What if you didn’t have the words and didn’t want to speak – fearful of the impending reality of loneliness where you may never hear the response you were looking for by the one that mattered the most.

The trust of touch is all you have to remind yourself that it’s not all over, that the most real things in your life still exist and are still worth fighting for. This breathtaking post apocalyptic music video from Running Young speaks the unspeakable in its humble transcendence – stripped back like the world it fittingly embellishes- breaking the silence with the choir like peace of noise.

running young

Founded by harrowing harmonies and a lone guitar, this haunting track from Running Young has an intense sense of space with the raw vulnerability clear.

Melbourne’s alternative-indie- rock-folk five-piece, Running Young, with members Joel Famularo – Bass/Lead Vocals, Ben Williams – Keys/Vocals, Ben Cropper – Guitar/Vocals, Cassie McCawley – Lead Guitar/Vocals, John Bellew – Drums, and their  single, Out of Time, from their upcoming debut EP due early 2015, is a masterful acoustic track, full of beautiful harmonies and a lone guitar – the 5 part harmony provides a surround sound experience both heavenly and heartfelt.

Directed, written and shot by James Ballard, with special effects from Pete Shand, this epic video was shot with a 16mm film in the countryside of Victoria. Like most touching videos, there is a powerful story behind the scenes. Lead singer Joel formed Running Young after surviving an emergency open- heart surgery at the age of 25. With post surgery complications, his chance of survival sat at 2-3 %. This tale of survival is what inspired this video which captures the journey of  two people as they survived the impossible and must now seek refuge as they move past their ordeal.

In their early career, the band have already reached international recognition, with their track Out of Time featured on an episode of the US television series, Shameless. The song’s submissive nature and lyrical bareness provides plenty of moments for self reflection, to really hone in the meaning of what is said and to fill in the gaps of what is not . A deluge of emotion surges in the repetitive line of : “And I know the world keeps spinning, and I know I’m out of time, I know the world keeps spinning, but I’ll take my time with you.” So little words spoken, so much meaning to to appreciated.



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