Vid O'The Week is Seekae's The Stars Below

Vid O’The Week: Seekae – The Stars Below

It was in my year 7 music class that I was exposured  to the most magical animated music video – Animusic’s Pipe DreamThe way the balls shower down in a stream of rhythmic excellence, triggering vibrations along the strings or chimes on the metal palettes and pipes. The concept of introducing the animated world to the real world and having them interact is nothing new, but still, the idea that the world can be constructed in an idealistic way has always been pretty surreal. Seekae‘s music video for The Stars Below  adopts this similar concept, not quite the same calibre, but still pretty special and inventive.


The use of CGI in Seekae’s latest inventive video for The Stars Below puts emphasis on the dark, experimental and heavy hearted electronica perfected by this trio.

Sydney’s electronic music group, Seekae, known for their epically vivid productions, has strike again with the track The Stars Below. Shot in Bulgaria by Ian Pons Jewell. Filmmaker / Cineasta, the video features a metallic ball that ricochets around this colossal and magnificently darkened interior – perhaps symbolic of the emotional energy that continues to drain and strike even long after a breakup. The brooding lyrics: “I would’ve done anything for you” drags on until the the very built up ending to reinforce this idea.

The potential for unpleasant clamouring, expected by the smashing of a metallic object against a hard surface, is replaced by glitchy, metronome like beats and the ever present rumble of sonic reverb. Dressed in white and doused in blue stains, lead vocalist, Alex Cameron’s sense of defeat is highlighted by his stillness in the video and more so by his low grumbling and effortless vocal performance.

The Stars Below is taken from Seekae’s third album The Worry that sees the band experimenting with more moody electronica.



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