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Vid O’The Week: Stax Osset – Symmetry

stax osset

A welcoming celestial subculture of the pink kind, with a distinct love of cats, and philosophy of world harmony, is on the brink of taking flight. Leading the way is Melbourne’s dream pop producer and vocalist, Megan Kent. After a series of demos and a guest appearance on hiphop/rapper Allday‘s Startup Cult LP in the track Milligrams (what a great realisation that she is behind the collab),  Symmetry is Stax Osset’s first single release.

Using the forces and themes of the world around her, Stax Osset’s reverent and insightful triphop production takes what you already know and shapes it into something illuminated by sorcery – the kind used for good of course.

stax osset

Melbourne’s dream pop talent, Stax Osset and her debut release Symmetry, has a different take on the ‘power’* of love through the glitchy production style.

Stax Osset’s signature glitchy and space-like production, met with vocal loops and stuttering samples, can be heard in her tracks Geometric, Force and Symmetry. The music video for Symmetry matches every beat and heightens your ability to feel the unity between the visuals and the track.

As an artist who enjoys injecting her lyrics with cultural symbolism and themes about humanity, there seems to be an overload of visual and aural symbols throughout – the ying and yang of the black and white, physical and referential symmetry throughout, and in moments of asymmetric isolation, it just goes to show that the other half is just waiting to be found, with lyrics: ” I feel this symmetry, we are two halves, bound together at the heart of me we are bound together at the heart of me, I feel the symmetry, we are two halves, living for the visions of you in my dreams and I will never let you go.”

HAPPY: What’s the story behind your name Stax Osset?

STAX: It’s kind of a long story actually haha. I was thinking about what I should call this project for weeks and I knew I wanted it to sound like it could be just a weird name given to a normal person, or possibly something from a different language… And then I heard a Bon Iver song and there’s a lyric where it sounds kind of like he’s saying “Stax Osset” but he’s definitely not. But it just sounded perfect so I went with it.

HAPPY: What or who is influencing your latest sound?

STAX: I feel like my sound is influenced by a million different things that I’ve seen or heard through my life. As a kid I was really into pop and RnB and I think that’s coming out now. Plus I just love using dreamy, weird sounds but wrapping it up in a pop music kind of structure. So that’s where I’m at right now :)

HAPPY:  Tell me about the music video for Symmetry? Where was it shot, who’s the team behind it all and what’s the concept behind it?

STAX: It was directed by Josh Harris and the cinematographer was Vanessa Cox. I was introduced to them on a Wednesday and we started filming on the Saturday haha so it was pretty short notice. But I knew I wanted it to have a transcendent urban spacey kind of atmosphere and Josh and his team seemed to really get that and they knew how to make it happen. It was so fast and heaps of fun thanks to those guys.

HAPPY: With a “fascination with the universal human experience” would you consider yourself a spiritual person? What role does your studying anthropology play in the music you create?

STAX: I don’t know if spiritual is the right word because for me it’s not about an “other world”. For me it’s more about seeing the magic and the beauty in the tangible world. I think anthropology has inspired me because it encourages you to see the similarities among all human beings and it kind of makes you think of the essence of the human experience and what we all have in common. I find that insanely inspiring. I feel like all my music is focused around that kind of thing in some way.

HAPPY: What’s the persona you try to evoke through your musical identity?

STAX: I don’t feel like I’m trying to evoke a certain persona necessarily. I just like that music gives you an opportunity to support the audio with visual content. I feel like Stax is about peace and harmony, light and dark. It’s kind of about seeing the real world in a new way so it seems fresh and alien but relatable at the same time. That’s what I’m going for anyway.

HAPPY: Genres aside, how would you describe what it’s like to listen to Stax Osset?

STAX: I think it’s like walking into someone else’s dream and realising you’ve had this dream before too. And hopefully you like it. Haha

HAPPY: What do you think it takes to forge your own identity within the genre of dream pop/electronic folk? What is it that you love about this genre that has meant your exploration of it?

STAX: I think to forge your own identity you just have to relax into it and let yourself do what comes naturally to you without thinking too much about what other people are doing. I love that electronic music puts a whole world of sounds at your fingertips. I feel like there is always something new to learn with production and what you can do with sound is growing all the time. It’s kind of addictive.

HAPPY: Ultimate collab would be with….?

STAX: Early Kanye West or Usher

HAPPY: What’s next for Stax Osset in the big 2015? Tours, new music?

STAX: I’ll hopefully be releasing a new track in a couple of months time which will be fun. We’ll just have to see how it goes after that :)

 HAPPY: What’s your top 5 for artists to watch out for in 2015?

STAX: This is a hard one but I personally will be watching out for these guys in 2015:

Youngs, Fortunes, Milwaukee Banks, Lanks, Déjà

 HAPPY: What makes you happy?

STAX: Chilling out at home, making new songs, hot sun, friends, family, feeling healthy, kittens

Reminiscent of Canadian electro pop band Austra in her initial releases, and now adding a more pop tone to the mix, Stax Osset is gaining momentum in distinguishing herself as an intriguing artist.

* ‘Power’ referring to Stax Osset’s appreciation of using the forces of the world and ‘power’ referring to electronic energy. Hopefully that was obvious enough to you as it was for the writer.



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