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Waldorf release Kyra – one of the most powerful synthesisers ever built

Waldorf Kyra

Waldorf is a German synth manufacturer that has been synonymous with high-quality synthesisers since it was founded in 1988 and the Kyra represents its most powerful offering to date.

The Kyra Synthesiser has been in production ever since June 2018 and now its finally here. At first glance, it’s obvious that Kyra is a beautifully-designed VA desktop synthesiser, but under the hood is some of Waldorf’s finest work.Waldorf Kyra

Waldorf has finally released the Kyra after a year in development. This virtual analogue desktop unit intends to break the boundaries of synthesizer power.

The synth features up to eight different ‘parts’ with 32 voices available in each. This means you’re essentially getting 8 synths in one. Each part can draw on two groups of oscillators and two sub oscillators, filters, modulation features (envelope generators, LFOs and a modulation matrix) and a multi-effects unit.

The effects include EQ, distortion, six-stage phaser and stereo delay. Connectivity is provided with four balanced stereo outputs, headphone output and MIDI via DIN and USB. An OLED display also makes sure you can select sounds and edit parameters quickly, even on the darkest of stages.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the unit is its FGPA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) engine. FGPA makes the uni very cost-effective and means you can update it after the manufacturing stage.

For more information on the Kyra, visit the Waldorf website.


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October 10, 2019