Walrus Audio's Polychrome is a flanger that can morph to any environment

Walrus Audio’s Polychrome is a flanger that can morph to any environment

Walrus Audio’s Polychrome is a brand new modulation monster with true bypass circuitry, a tasteful and versatile addition to the pedalboard.

Creators of some of the coolest guitar pedals out at the moment, from their Iron Horse Distortion to the Julianna Chorus/ Vibrato, Walrus Audio been combining a great approach to engineering and aesthetic for a solid decade now.

The latest addition to their already powerful lineup is the new Polychrome flanger. Using all-analog circuitry, Walrus Audio sought to create a true bypass flanger that was able to avoid most of the muddiness that the pedals in its ilk fall victim to. The amount of flange can be very carefully added at your own pace onto the original signal, and as a result, can both pump out the deep and wobbly underwater tones of a chorus flange, or add just a little bit of extra flavour should that be your desire.

And it looks pretty great as well. A multicoloured iguana sits on the front of the display, reflecting the versatility of this pedal. In Walrus’ own words, it’s “both malleable to its environment, blending into its surroundings for harmonious balance, or standing out with vibrant confidence.”

Sitting beside the lizard, the chassis sports knobs to adjust the depth, rate and frequency range (pulse) of the vibrato LFO, an all-in-one DFV (dry, flange and vibrato) knob, and feedback controls to adjust how much of the effect you want to apply to the original signal.

On top of this, there are switches that change the shape of the LFO between square, sine and random waveshapes, and another switch that flicks between two different voicing options: a “full frequency” flange, and a complex notched flange with less low end.

All of these options together allow for infinite customisability, with the unit even acting as a pitch vibrato when the DFV and feedback are turned up all the way. For all the details, head over to Walrus Audio.