WASTERS just reached peak DIY, dropping a Japandroids cover from the back of their tour van

The very loud, Sydney living lads from WASTERS know their way in and out of a garage rock jam, but that doesn’t mean they can’t drop a killer acoustic cut every once in a while.

The fact is, when you spend most of your nightlife a couple of feet from a PA the size of a garbage bin, you come to appreciate the quieter moments far more honestly than ever before.

Between the fiercer minutes of their tour schedule, WASTERS like to kick back like anyone else. Today we’re sharing a back seat clip of frontman James Seymour doing just that, jamming out an acoustic cover of Continuous Thunder by Japandroids.

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When James Seymour and the rockers of WASTERS aren’t tearing stages apart with garage bravado, they enjoy the magnetism of an acoustic guitar like anyone else.

Seymour’s cover is everything you want from an acoustic version. It’s bare bones, unshackled by any sort of production, just a man and his guitar jamming along to a song everybody loves.

Makes you wonder how many more songs Seymour has up his sleeve. Here’s one guy I would actually hand a guitar to at a party.

WASTERS are just dusting off their boots following a string of raging east coast shows. This clip was filmed between legs on that very tour, as the band killed travelling from gig to gig.

Having dropped their first EP since 2014 only a month back, this triple threat of explosive rock troubadours are riding a hell of a wave. We All Fall Down was everything fans had waited three years for: angsty, grungey, ragged harmony strung together by one hell of a vocal performance on Seymour’s part.


Listen to WASTERS’ most recent EP We All Fall Down below:

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