PREMIERE: Andy Bull’s liminal and spacious video for ‘Slipping Away’

Andy Bull releases his new single, Slipping Away with an illustrated, animated and magical little clip of his own making.

Our favourite Australian alt-pop singer, Andy Bull has released a gorgeous video for his new single, Slipping Away – a perfect little pop soap opera that speaks to the impermanence of private plans.

It’s a theme that is all too familiar, as we grow, or get older. The feeling that comes as plans, once made in earnest, just seem to fall away, either to be replaced by new ones or an acceptance of what is.

andy bull slipping away

It can be a deeply personal journey, and Bull connects to the melodrama that goes on within, coming full circle on the process: “…all the ways I love you, all the ways I care,” and it’s like, hey! Take it a bit easy, my guy!

To Bull, “it has the spirit of somebody journaling something that others aren’t supposed to read… Either that, or a very late night DM that’s just a bit much. It’s meant to be kind of funny and tragic, anyway.”

We love it! Watch the fully illustrated and animated new music video for Slipping Away below.