Watch David Gilmour performing Syd Barrett songs whilst in lockdown

Last month David Gilmour and his family posted a live stream in which the Pink Floyd frontman performed songs by the late Leonard Cohen whilst his wife Polly Sampson gave a reading of her book, Theatre for Dreamers.

Now the family have gathered again, and this time Gilmour has paid tribute to his former bandmate, Syd Barrett.

david gilmour, syd barrett

In a live-stream alongside his family, David Gilmour has performed songs written by his former bandmate Syd Barrett and shared some personal anecdotes.

This particular video marks the 6th one in the series named Polly Sampson’s A Theatre For Dreamers Live (With David Gilmour And Family). The streams depict the family hanging out, singing, reading poetry, and answering fan questions.

During this particular stream, Gilmour offered some personal anecdotes on Barrett, who co-founded Pink Floyd along with Nick Mason, Roger Waters, and Richard Wright. Barrett served as guitarist and lead vocalist until 1968, with Gilmour joining in as guitarist and vocalist the year prior, and eventually taking over frontman duties from Barrett. Barrett passed away in 2006, aged 60.

During the stream, Gilmour also performed two tracks penned by Barrett, Octopus and Dominoes, which featured on the musician’s 1970 solo albums, The Madcap Laughs and Barrett, respectively. Gilmour also announced that he had been asked to proofread an upcoming book of Barrett’s lyrics.

Check out the video below.

In other news, in a recent video chat with Rolling Stone, Roger Waters said a Pink Floyd reunion would be “fucking awful”.