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Watch Noodle House perform ‘Changing’ Live at Enmore

Jack Kinder, the mastermind behind Sydney outfit Noodle House, recently came to the Live at Enmore studios. He dished up a sunny and retro-tinged performance of their track, Changing.

The full band experience of Noodle House touches on ’70s rock revival, but this version reveals a luscious and psychedelic sound. Noodle House Changing

Jack Kinder of Noodle House was a recent guest at the Live at Enmore studios. He delivered a haunting, stripped-back version of the track, Changing.

Packing nothing but an old 12-string guitar, Kinder was still able to effortlessly fill the space with lush, reverberant tone, delivering the haunting vocal with intimacy and power when it was called for.

Changing is unreleased at this time, so we’re looking forward to seeing how the song develops as a full band production.

Speaking of which, head over to Bandcamp to pick up a copy of the Friendly Split Single (with Melbourne’s Sunfruits) via Third Eye Stimuli Records.

Check out the song below:

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