Wave Racer

It’s next to impossible to be in a funk if you’re listening to Wave Racer, and if you some how manage to then you’re better off tuning back into SmoothFm for some tear jerkerin’ 80s ballads. With his release of Stoopid and Rock U Tonite, Thomas Purcell aka Wave Racer, puts out these funky tunes, kind of like Hudson Mohawke or Rustie if they were doused in Wizz Fizz, making even the Monday morning walk to work not just bearable but kind of enjoyable.

waver racer

Whatever he’s doing, he’s obviously doing it right. This year he’s been signed to Future Classic (who can’t seem to do any wrong at the moment) and has gone on to play this country over. Having only just released his first track back in May, he astoundingly amassed 100 thousand plays in less than two days. Now, he’s a Triple J favourite and has had his songs played by international DJ and lord, Diplo. IntheMix featured him in their 10 More Local Producers You Need to Hear and explained that “the buzz is down to Purcell’s electrifying, ADHD sound that rattles quickly along with streams of colour and thumping, video game inspired beats. Initial original offerings Rock U Tonite and Stoopid are blazing jams reminiscent of F-Zero.”

Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen him hit the stage for festivals, ListenOut and OutsideIn, as well as Sydney’s intense nightlife clubs (hello Darling Harbour). No doubt he’ll be hot on the circuit over the upcoming summer months.