Webben explores flow, brutality and power in a superb hip hop EP

Sydney rapper Webben has dropped a powerful EP Wake Me When You’re Done, displaying superb talent for writing rhymes and steady, unstoppable flow.

With plenty of throwbacks to 90s rap Webben, is mixing the old with the new putting together a collection of carefully nurtured head bangers.

WebbenSydney native Webben is proving himself with a stellar EP of hip hop powerhouses. With a knack for flow, emotive impact, and delivery, Webben weaves a colourful tapestry of imagery and sound.

With a clear passion for hip-hop the MC Webben was born in 2012. After the release of his 2014 debut The Hip Hopera, telling the tale of a boy finding purpose, Webben is back with his sophomore release and it hits hard.

Webben displays the innate flow of hip hop greats such as Nas, and Mos Def, throwing in some quirky delivery and flow the like of none other than Slim Shady. If you mix in a little Horrorshow then you’re somewhere in the ballpark of Webben.

Title track Wake Me When You’re Done introduces an overwhelming sense of brutality and anguish delivering impactful verses in between a huge chorus hook. His screaming, spitting lyrics hit hard while the imagery flows effortlessly from scene to scene. Each line, however, adds something new and important to the song. This is a trademark of good rap, and indeed storytelling, and Webben does it well.

 Follow up The Champ delivers a classic rap of self affirmation and shit talking, yet once again Webben executes it with style and grace. Trap Door Latch is the most experimental entry on the EP involving unique tempo changes and manic, crazed rapping. Outlining the story of a paranoid man running from danger, indeed whole work is interwoven with themes of violence, trauma and fear.

Through it all, Webben has released a superb collection of songs, diverse in style yet cohesive in theme. We’ll be keeping a very close eye on Webben.

Webben will be launching the EP tomorrow night Aug 2 at the Burdekin, check out the event here.