Here are the 10 best WEBP to GIF converters on the web 2021

Need to convert your WEBP image to the GIF file format? Don’t sweat it. Below are the 10 best sites to do so.

In a world of countless file types and file extensions, changing formats is about as common as someone converting a YouTube video to mp3, then immediately releasing an uninspired Spotify tune.

A major reason for changing formats like WEBP to GIF is internet speed. Where you can maintain quality and reduce loading time, you should. Think of converters as the internet equivalent of tying a tie.

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If you’re unaware of the terms, WEBP (lossless images) is an increasingly popular image format compatible with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, while GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is the go-to bitmap for static images; so, it’s no surprise the web is home to thousands of converters. However, they’re not created equally.

That’s why we’re here to make this necessary yet mundane task as smooth as possible for you. Because let’s face it. Nobody deserves to endure a user experience of intrusive ad-pop ups, confusing directions, and dark patterns to format their file correctly.


Flexclip really is the one-stop shop. Besides converting WebP, jpg, jpeg, png, and countless other file types to GIF, it also functions as a user-friendly video creator. The video creator lets you add text, emojis, stickers, filters, and more useful add-ons. Even better, you can drag your image into Flexclip and get cracking right away, with no pesky ads to slow you down. It’s also completely free.

Check it out here.


EZGif gets the job done in a few clicks as possible. Once you’ve got your GIF file, you can watch it and then make the necessary edits, such as cropping, speeding up or slowing down, and rotation. It’s also got a very minimal design making for a clean and efficient user experience. It’s worth noting that the max file size is 35MB.

Check it out here.


Here’s another bread and butter option that goes above and beyond. The A in AConvert stands for ‘all’, meaning they do much more than WebP to GIF. Once more, they handle your width/height needs and get the job done for free. There is a cheeky donation box on the front page if you’re feeling generous.

Check it out here.


The best part about Photogramio is its inclusive design principles. Not only does the site host multiple languages, but it also allows WebP uploads via

  • Drag and drop
  • Dropbox
  • Link

The site also sits in a sleek design, which is always welcome.

Check it out here.


Convertio is a convertor with a USP (unique selling point). You can convert multiple WebP files consecutively, even as a free user! Not bad, right. The WebP to Gif site also operates on all different platforms, so you should be sweet to go no matter where you are. If you choose to visit Convertio, you’ll see that the site has a live counter of how many files they’ve converted since inception. As of the time writing this, they’re almost clocked a billion…

Check it out here.

Free Convert

Free Convert is… free. It works quickly, gives you secure downloads, and maintains file quality. However, this thing is entirely free, so there’s obviously a catch. And the catch is obvious. It’s chockablock with ads at every corner of the conversion process. But, if you’re willing to navigate around them, this is an excellent option.

Check it out here.

Picosmos Tools

Picosmos Tools has a huge pro and a huge con. Are you ready? With Picosmos, you can convert and edit your files offline. However, the application is exclusive to Windows. We especially recommend Picosmos for photo collages and animation production – if you use Windows, of course.

Check it out here.


reaConverter is another converter with big upsides and big downsides. The upsides include its pre-conversion edits, where you can resize, crop, and rotate your image file as you see fit before converting, as well as its impressively speedy conversion rate. However, you will have to settle for a watermark on your final GIF with the free version. You can pay for the full version, which will obviously remove the watermark, but we’re guessing you’re after a free convert. Fair play.

Check it out here.


ZamZar has been in the converting game since ’06. Their speed isn’t anything to ride home about, but the user interface is fantastic and straight to the point. ZamZar support over 1100+ formats, so they’ll be able to help you with more than just WebP to GIF. They’re also the converter of choice for the New York Times and Princeton University, so they’re definitely doing something right.

Check them out here.


Cloudconvert is another well-known converter team. You’ve got full control over the final resolution and pixel count (height and width). If you’re willing to pay for better services, they’ll bump you up their priority list to ensure high-speed converting, as well as allowing for unlimited (within reason) file size. If you’re a baller, Cloudconvert will happily take your cash and place you right at the front of the queue.

Check them out here.

Happy converting! May your GIFS be as big as your dreams.