Wen Hang Lin explores the fluid concept of human perception

Wen Hang Lin explores the fluid concept of human perception with his latest series Silence in Synesthesia

“Our conception of the reality around us is a continuous act of layering moments of experience. Yet, our sense of ‘a moment’ is a fluid concept.”

Wen Hang Lin is a Taiwanese photographer and graphics designer who is challenging social constructions of reality by creating a unique experience for the senses.

Through layering photographic images on top of each other, Taiwanese photographer Wen Hang Lin explores “when the seen and unseen meet.”

Lin’s most recent project Silence in Synesthesia is an expression of his daily life using the medical phenomenon of synesthesia as a metaphor to encourage to think about perception.

“To create this project, images are blindly overlapped by rewinding film after it has been exposed. Adopting coincidence as a tool, two separate events—with no apparent or planned connection—are fused together by their colors and open an abstract space.”

Synesthesia is a condition when one sense triggers perception in another sense, like ‘seeing’ sound or ‘feeling’ shapes – or in artist Melissa McCracken’s case, songs are interpreted as colours. Lexical-gustatory synesthesia is rare, and refers to people tasting sound.

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All photos by Wen Hang Lin.

Via Fubiz.