Winnie the Pooh’s favourite band, Wild Honey will help you forget your bothers

New kids on the block Wild Honey bring us a sound that is as sweet as their namesake and as punchy as a bee sting. The Sydney four piece dive into a combination of psych, 70’s surf music and indie-rock which makes for some welcome summer vibes. Which really isn’t surprising since they hail from Bondi. Describing their first single Eye To Eye as “Like a Volvo wagon cruising at 80 km up the Pacific Highway. The song is a get out of jail free card for anyone tired of their job, relationship, teachers, preachers”, you know they’re here for a good time.

Wild Honey debut EP

A Bondi band that write sweet summer bangers? Whoda thunk? Wild Honey do it pretty well, their self-titled debut is a delicious pot of surf-rock nectar.

Wild Honey was born last summer, although they didn’t really start playing shows until mid-way through this year, and they’re now coming at us full force with their debut eponymous EP. On the EP, frontman Moore explained “I wrote and recorded the EP at home, except for the drums which a friend laid down at Oceanic Studios in Brookvale. Coming Home was the first song I finished. I wrote the lyrics after a week or so spent surfing and hanging out at Halse Lodge in Noosa. I had just come off three weeks work which involved driving from Perth to Noosa, across the Nullarbor and up the New England. I guess all the songs on the EP are inspired by either my own direct experiences or those of the people around me.”

For a debut EP, these boys have done a stand out job. It is jam packed with sunny, vibrant vibes. Even if you’ve never set foot on the beach before it will transport you to the carefree, surf-filled days of the coast, which is displayed just as well through their live sets. There is a shimmering and warm essence that shines through each track, creating an undeniable flow and steady paced momentum that glides its way through the entirety of the EP. The first single released off the EP, Eye To Eye, is a great introduction for the band. It is jangly and upbeat, yet still holds a mellow and laid back feel courtesy of those smooth and polished vocals.

With no knowledge of home recording, Moore bravely took on the challenge, and the results prove he has a shit tonne of talent. Speaking of the experience he said “After years of fearing the challenge of recording on a computer, I managed to get a copy of Logic from a friend at uni, invested in a cheap interface, an sm57 microphone and a midi keyboard. I pretty much taught myself how to use the gear as I went along. I never really had any grand plans to release what I was recording at the time.”

With the Wild Honey EP ready to drop this Friday November 20, a recent signing with 123 Agency and a plan to tour up and down the east coast in the not so distant future, Wild Honey and their sweet tunes are definitely on the up and up.

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