World Sleep Day EXCLUSIVE: Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress at 55% off
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World Sleep Day EXCLUSIVE: Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress at 55% off

Looking for a good night’s sleep? German sleep company Emma Sleep has got you covered with their World Sleep Day sale, offering huge savings on their award-winning Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress.

World Sleep Day is the coolest thing to happen to the sleepyheads and nocturnals worldwide, celebrating the importance of healthy sleep and raising awareness about sleep-related issues. It’s a day to snuggle up and catch some well-deserved Z’s, guilt-free, and with an excuse to sleep in. So put on your comfiest PJs, grab your favourite pillow, and get ready to drift off into dreamland on this essential day for all sleep-lovers out there.

In honour of World Sleep Day 2023, Emma Sleep is offering a deal that dreams are made of: a whopping 55% off their award-winning Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress! From March 14th to March 27th, customers can rest easy on this premium mattress at an unbeatable price.

Emma Sleeps

Designed with back pain and temperature regulation in mind, the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress is a world-class sleep solution. Its adaptive comfort foam and pocket spring construction allow it to perfectly conform to your body, ensuring a blissful night’s sleep. And at 55% off, you won’t find a better deal on a mattress of this caliber.

Not only was the award-winning Emma Diamond Degree® Hybrid Mattress voted Product of the Year 2023 by a whopping 5,000 people in a NielsenIQ survey, but it’s also the proud winner of the 2022 Good Design Award for Design Excellence. But what sets it apart? This innovative foam and spring hybrid mattress boasts Emma’s patented Diamond Degree® technology, featuring graphite dust-infused high-density foam for optimal temperature regulation. Plus, its 7-zone dynamic support system provides targeted relief for pesky back pain. With a 100-night risk-free trial, free delivery and returns, and machine-washable covers, the Emma mattress is a true game-changer in the world of sleep.

Don’t snooze on this offer – head to Emma Sleep now and make World Sleep Day a dream come true.

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress Pricing RRP:

  • Single: $1,125
  • Double: $1,377
  • King Single: $1,251
  • Queen: $1,498
  • King: $1,687

Sleep easy on a world-class mattress at an unbeatable price, with the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress specifically designed for back pain and for temperature regulation. This mattress completely moulds to your body thanks to its adaptive comfort foam and pocket spring construction.

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