The world officially just got its first sex worker university

The world officially just got its first sex worker university

The world’s first sex worker university has arrived, teaching adult influencers how to run their business empires.

Sex worker university. Now that’s an education I can get behind. It’s like majoring in business, but a very specific sort of business.

It is not news that platforms such as OnlyFans have been booming recently, with numerous accounts of ladies and gentlemen making hefty lumps of cash in short periods of time. A creative outlet with an attractive salary, many people have turned to content creation across different platforms when considering their career. Often though, starting such a career can be a daunting and difficult process to navigate.

sex worker university
Photo via Centro University

Centro University is a newly launched university in partnership with FanCentro, an online platform created to help adult film performers sell access to their private social media accounts.

The course has been created to focus on teaching adult influencers how to craft an influencer persona, monetize their fanbase, and promote and market their social media businesses, as well as the ins and outs of censorship law – basically how to be an all-round business, marketing, and legal wizard. And what’s more, it’s all free!

“Each course of study consists of a series of video classes and live-streamed special courses that will provide in-depth information about running a successful influencer business,” the description of the course posted to the university’s website reads.

“Our instructors will also be available to answer basic questions, provide mentoring, and ultimately create more in-depth courses. Private social is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world, and we want to help you become financially independent. Unlike traditional schools and universities, CentroU is free!”

Vice President of FanCentro, Kat Revenga, said the idea came to her about two years ago when she realised that having a thorough education is the key to making it in any industry. According to Revenga, the lack of information and understanding around what goes on in the adult industry, and what it takes to succeed, is astounding.

It’s strange to think of any industry without a comprehensive source of education but in the online adult industry, its absence was striking,” Revenga stated. “To really succeed as a sex worker online, you need a pretty big skill set.”

“People think that it’s just looking pretty, but it’s a business – marketing, brand management, photography, videography, editing, accounting, hair, and makeup. You have to be able to do it all, especially now,” she continued.

The course is now officially open, and you can check more information on their website.