The Young Dapper video for 'Rachel Rose' is an otherworldly spectacle

Young Dapper’s music video for ‘Rachel Rose’ is an otherworldly spectacle

Young Dapper has just dropped a cracker music video for his trap-rap banger of a tune, Rachel Rose. Get ready to be taken on a journey through a bridal shower across otherworldly landscapes while your head bops uncontrollably to the bounce of what is an undeniably killer track.

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It’s a sexy track, dripping with dramatic and raw expressions of unconquerable lust which Young Dapper confesses beautifully through catchy hooks.

The video begins with the image of a bride’s bare feet wandering across the exotic white sands of a duned landscape, matching the tropical vibe of the song’s rhythmic steel drum melodies. Then arrives the thrilling moment when we get to meet Young Dapper, who is, without any need of mention, looking undeniably dapper in his trim, beige trench-coat.

It’s touching to see the title of a song named after its featured artist, as none other than Rachel Rose herself takes to the sandy stage with a verse that captures brilliantly the sensations felt by two desiring lovers.

Instantly, you get the feeling that this is a serious love song, with both Rose and Dapper holding stern, longing-looks of affection toward each other. All of a sudden, we see a number of other women dressed in bridal clothing wandering across the sand as if Young Dapper was a captain simultaneously steering the helm of multiple honeymoons all at once.

Clever use of color and lighting effects paint the scene in visually fascinating hues, Young Dapper often turning blue to express the many shades of his complex and diverse musical ability.

Rachel Rose is yet another of Young Dapper’s single releases which have each attained their own stand apart success. The multi-instrumentalist singer has shown with confidence his ability to assert himself and rise through the ranks of the trap-rap scene, leaving us with plenty to look forward to in the coming months.

Watch the new video above.