Happy Birthday Newtowner! Our ears are still hurtin’ from the Young Henrys Big Tinnie Crack

Say happy birthday to The Newtowner with the inaugural Big Tinnie Crack, a Young Henrys-led bash for our suburb and its favourite brew.

Yesterday the Young Henrys crew threw a birthday bash for one of their tastiest exports, The Newtowner.

At the Courthouse Hotel Young Henrys, their mates and a score of locals collected themselves for the inaugural Big Tinnie Crack. A pub’s worth of punters cracked their tins in unison, straight-up one of the most satisfying sounds ever to tickle my earholes.

The Young Henrys team have huge plans for the Big Tinnie Crack, with their eyes set on the world record for most beers cracked at once. Be sure to head along next year, you may just make history.

Peep a few shots of the festivities above, and suss out our video below to witness the moment it went down.