Youtube musician Jon Sudano is sending the internet wild with his breathtaking vocal covers

He may not have the moves and looks of other Youtube-born sensations like Troye Sivan, but what Jon Sudano does have in spades is devoted character.

He’s been releasing a string of extraordinary vocal covers on his Youtube channel at an alarming pace, each new video going viral hours after it’s been uploaded. And it’s pretty easy to see why.

john sudano

Meet Jon Sudano, the latest Youtube celebrity knocking the socks off his 150,000 subscribers with each of his unbelievably tender performances.

Unafraid of taking on the big hits, Sudano has already tackled Creep by RadioheadHello by Adele and Imagine by John Lennon to name a few. You can watch some of the covers below.

Adele – Hello

Radiohead – Creep

Village People  – Y.M.C.A.

Now, after watching a few of his videos you may start to notice a theme. Rather than using the original lyrics of each song he performs, Sudano grabs the lyrics of Smash Mouth’s greatest hit ever All Star and unceremoniously throws it into these classics.

Whether it’s the work of deranged confusion or sarcastic genius, each Sudano video continues to tickle the internet in all the right places. He’s gained almost 50,000 subscribers in a week, and his numbers just keep skyrocketing.

Whatever will he cover next?

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