YouTubers find video game jackpot under pile of mold and maggots

YouTubers find video game jackpot under pile of mold and maggots

A pair of YouTube resellers have unearthed valuable video games from a pile of mold and maggots in a dilapidated and rat-ridden home.

If roaches, rats and maggots send your stomach churning, this is your warning to prepare yourself for what comes next – the following story in not for the faint-hearted.

Video game hunters, Aimee and Korbin, hit the jackpot when they uncovered a sensational, factory-sealed collection of video games in a dilapidated house. The only catch was they had to wade through piles of bug-infested rubbish to find them.

Maggot Video Game
image: Youtube Screenshot

The creators behind Youtube Channel, Cheap Finds Gold Mines, document their discoveries at yard sales, pawnshops and thrift stores.

Sometimes they uncover gems, and most of the time they never have to fight brown recluse spiders for their spoils.

In this particularly lucrative discovery, avoiding creepy crawlies was not an option.

The pair filmed their journey through conditions that most would walk away from. But their efforts were not in vain, as they came across gaming gold in the form of a factory-sealed copy of Viva Piñata of 2006 Xbox 360 fame.

The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker and Resident Evil lay amongst the collapsed ceiling and piles of rat shit.

Not sure about you guys but for me, a box full of maggots and the threat of scabies sounds like too large a price to pay for a few games – even if they come with a collector’s edition chainsaw controller.

The resale value of Aimee and Korbin’s haul may change your mind, though.

The pair invested $870 to gain access to the yard sale and an additional box of games on top of what they could carry out themselves. A fair price, maggots notwithstanding, for the $20,000 resale value of the haul.

According to the pair, the house fell into disrepair when the owner, an unnamed individual who identifies as being on the spectrum, lost a loved one and was unable to maintain the property.

In a wholesome nod to the order’s passion for collecting the games, Aimee and Korbin integrated a few of their finds into their personal collection.