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Yuco – I’m Living With The Melancholy In The Fog

Hiroshi Kobayashi

Tokyo duo Yuco’s latest album, inspired by the aftermath of the Fukushima tsunami and nuclear disaster in 2011, is a lovely collection of melancholy sounds and textures. The music, in most parts is soft and simple with subtle field recordings in the background to give it a vivid atmosphere.


Music that brings you back down to earth after a whirlwind of emotion. Thanks Yuco.

I broke up her marriage and Another death, another life are led by a dark piano, the music moves along slowly giving off a bleak feeling of despair. Don’t say a word, Minphea, and I bought broken modern classical feature a soft guitar gently floating by. Paired with field recordings including screeching doors, aquatic droplets and distant chirps of birds the music gives off an amazingly colourful soundscape that while having a very grim vibe also brings out something that it ultimately very beautiful. Municipal Area is the major highlight to the album, the spiralling electronic piano sounds paired with the moving water in the background make for an amazing atmospheric experience! The seven minute sitar driven A complete failure is an intense and confronting experience exploring the emotions of panic and despair. The album closes with the slow drowny sounds of Dream time away.

This is quite a moving and at times even confronting album! The collection of simple instrumentation and subtle background activity paints a vividly bleak soundscape. Above all this album brings up something beautiful amongst the heartbreak!




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April 4, 2013

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