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Sydney quartet Zeahorse are baaaaaack. Not that they went anywhere but they have been keeping a relatively low profile after they exploded onto the scene in 2010. Earlier this year, they supported The Black Angels at their Sydney and Brisbane shows, as well as playing with other local legends the Hard Ons and The Laurels. Since then, Zeahorse have been spending significant time in the studio, writing and recording their upcoming album Pools, due for release September 27th.


Listening to Zeahorse’s is like going on a drug trip: their music is a combination of highs and lows. Grungy and consistently heavy, they combine solid bass lines with rough vocals, but manage to sporadically thread through melodic guitar lines to complement the sound. When I say melodic, I don’t mean sweet, honeyed melodies; I mean psychedelic, let’s-go-get-stoned guitar lines. They manage to switch between time-signatures effortlessly, slowing down their music to a sluggish, stoned-like rhythm and speeding it up again. The constantly changing tempo never sounds messy, but rather completely intentional: Zeahorse’s music is well-planned and well-executed – Music Feeds

Their sound definitely lends itself to a live performance. This is a band who you’re more likely to see play in the dark depths of an inner-west warehouse party at 3 in the morning*, as opposed to sell-out shows at commercial venues. With that being said, Zeahorse will be performing live around the east coast in the lead up to Pools. What can we expect from the record, you ask? The boys have just released a lil teaser for us all, in the form of their single Pool. Its a slow building, firey, awesomely droney 5 minutes that leaves you wanting more. After a slammin’ performance at FBi‘s birthday bash on Sunday, the boys are set to play what has turned into a really epic Bigsound festival in Brisbane tomorrow. Their sound is rough and raw, with crunchy guitar riffs and strong, youthful vocals that will definitely get you out of your seat. If you’re in Brisbane, catch ’em playing over the next few days. For wider Australia, we will just have to wait with bated breathe for September 27.

* Taken from the band’s Facebook page: “If there’s anyone in Melbourne that wants to throw a party next Friday or Saturday we will be more than happy to cause a racket!!!”




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September 12, 2013

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