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This Aussie site is giving away 3 Bitcoins to new crypto traders

Australia’s next tech unicorn has arrived. Its name is Zipmex, and they’re giving away three Bitcoins as part of their launch.

Whether you’re an avid crypto aficionado or a curious newcomer who wants a slice of the crypto-craze, Zipmex is the perfect facilitator to make your moves happen.

Zipmex is here to simplify the world of cryptocurrency and offer the lowest rates, but they’re also here to give away the most famous cryptocurrency of all. Bitcoin. Here’s how you can get involved.

Zipmex Bitcoin cryptocurrency

Why Zipmex?

The Australian-founded Zipmex opened its gates in 2015, created by the founder of Oneflare, Marcus Lim. What makes Zimex stand out from other digital asset exchange platforms is its transparency. The company have their deals and rates on display for users to see, and why wouldn’t they?

Zipmex provides high liquidity and trusted prices, trading fees as low as 0.2%, including digital wallet security with BitGo, insurance of up to USD $100 million, instantaneous trades, withdrawals, and deposits. They’ve also got their own coin, which is honestly pretty cool.

Over 285K users have already to chosen Zipmex for its simplicity and efficiency, with the company aspiring to become the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange in the Asia Pacific Region. You can even begin trading with as little as $1.

How can I win Bitcoin?

To celebrate their launch in Australia, Zimex is giving away three Bitcoins! They’re giving them away one by one, from July 30th, so the clock is ticking. To enter, you have to be from Australia, purchase at least $250 of crypto on Zipmex, and of course, be over 18.

You can read the full T&Cs here.

There’s never been a better time to delve into crypto, and Zipmex is here to make it as simple as possible. So to begin your digital hustle today, get started right here.