Dodie Performs ‘She’ Live From Happy

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English singer, songwriter Dodie recently visited our studio Noise Machines for a special Live From Happy performance in association with Sydney World Pride 2023 with her 2019 single ‘She’.

In Australia on tour as part of her Hot Mess (An Intimate Tour Experience) Tour, Dodie gave us just that — a stunning intimate version of ‘She‘. 

She was Mixed and Recorded by Tim McArtney, Owen Penglis and Radi Safi. 

This Live from Happy session was made possible by the generous support of Avid. Avid is a technology and multimedia company who make the industry famous Pro Tools Software, Sibelius and Audio Interfaces. In this session Happy utilised Pro Tools and Avid Carbon Pre Audio Interfaces. 

Comfortably sat, cross legged on a piano stool in the middle of our studio Dodie gave us a beautiful performance that drew us into the story of longing that she wrote about all the way back in her school years.

Dodie has left our shores now, but you can listen to her latest EP ‘Hot Mess’ that maintains the the stunning intimacy that she brings to her songwriting and her recordings.

Here’s what Dodie had to say about ‘She‘ before taking the stage:

“I wrote this song 10 years ago, so whenever I play this song, it feels like I’m playing a cover because it’s so old — but I like to channel my 17 year old self, and remember why she wrote those words.

It’s still a song I relate to, for example I played it at a show in Sydney, and a bunch of my school friends live in Sydney. and that was really weird to do cos I was writing that song probably because fo the feeling that school. So to sing it to them in the crowd was a full circle moment.” 

Check out the performance below:

To find out more about Dodie head over to her Instagram.

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