Aislinn Young Performs ‘Slow Dive’ Live at Enmore


Since emerging in recent years, singer-songwriter Aislinn Young has carved a unique path through the Sydney indie rock scene.

She specialises in creating ethereal folk-tinged soundscapes, but her voice elevates these spacious songs to soaring heights. Slow Dive — the song she brought to the Live at Enmore studios — is the epitome of this approach.

As yet unreleased, Slow Dive will no doubt become a staple of Aislinn Young’s setlist. It’s a swooning epic, with the clarity, character, and power of the artist’s voice taking centre stage.

Slow Dive was Mixed and Recorded by Owen Penglis and Daniel Shaw. 

Aislinn Young

Young was flying solo for this session, with accompaniment coming from her reverb-soaked electric guitar. Once you hear her voice, however, you’ll be sucked into the intoxicating atmosphere of Slow Dive.

Here’s what Aislinn Young had to say about Slow Dive:

“This song came from driving around and thinking about people that I really love and things I wanted to achieve…this is completely fresh and the first time anyone’s hearing it.”

Check out the performance below:

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