Allerdyce Performs

‘Spoon Song’

Live from Happy


Allerdyce swung by  Noise Machines studio for an exclusive Live from Happy session to perform her new single ‘Spoon Song’

Massive shout out to Better Beer for making this session possible


allerdyce live from happy

Allerdyce is in high spirits on ‘Spoon Song’, the Sydney artist’s uplifting, unreleased single brought to life with a Live From Happy session.  

Despite only having a handful of singles to their name, inner-west based Allerdyce has crafted a unique musical persona.

Allerdyce, who borrows her stage name from her grandmother’s maiden name, made her debut with 2021’s ‘Cake For Breakfast’, a piano-led ballad that established her enrapturing vocals. 

Then came last year’s ‘Keep My Piece’, a dreamy slice of synth-pop that racked up the streams and solidified Allerdyce’s rising star status.

Now, the 20-something indie pop star swings by our office for another edition of Live From Happy, this time armed with a live band and her unreleased single ‘Spoon Song’

The upbeat, folksy track sketches yet more contours of Allerdyce’s artistry, and is based on wanting to help a friend in need but not knowing exactly how.

“If I could tie you up to a spoon, tie it on a balloon” she sings, “you know I would, make it all a little lighter.” 

The feel-good ditty informs Allerdyce’s Pick You Up With A Spoon tour, which will take the singer-songwriter to shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Port Kembla throughout April. Find ticketing details here

Find out more about Allerdyce via Instagram.

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