Andy Bull Performs ‘It’s All Connected’ Live at Enmore


Andy Bull is a singular songwriting and production talent from Sydney. Throughout his career, he’s deftly woven folk-inflected lyricism into his colourful electronic productions.

It’s All Connected marks his return from a lengthy recording hiatus. It’s an effervescent slice of funk, set amid a soundscape of airy synths, saturated drums and his trademark falsetto.

For his Live at Enmore session, however, It’s All Connected was transformed into something else entirely.

It’s All Connected was Mixed and Recorded by Dan Shaw and Radi Safi

andy bull, live at enmore

In this interpretation of It’s All Connected, it became a ballad. Highlighting its contemplative and conversational lyrics, Bull’s dynamic control of piano and vocal mastery came to the fore.

Here’s what he had to say about his new single:

It’s All Connected is about the effect you have on the environment and the people around you… trying to take responsibility for yourself, because that’s the closest you can get to taking responsibility for the world“.

Check out the performance below:


To find out more about Andy Bull, visit his website.