Bambi O’Hara Performs ‘Religion’ Live From Happy


Tasmania-born, Sydney-based Alt-Pop artist Bambi O’Hara recently visited the Live from Happy studios with her latest release Religion.

Surrounded by massive production, It’s an ethereal song about her ideals in religion and what it means to her and the experiences she’s had in her life.

As a special treat for us, Bambi O’Hara brought in a beautiful full-sized harp to the Live From Happy studio to perform Religion — released in May 2022.

Religion was Mixed and Recorded by Tim McArtney, Owen Penglis and Radi Safi. 

bambi ohara

Bambi O’Hara along with Esther on the harp and Jesse on the Happy piano gave us a stunning version of Religion at the Happy Studios.

Maintaining the mood of her 4th single, we were mesmerised by the arrangement they performed and we drew ourselves closer to the lyrics Bambi O’Hara sang.

Here’s what Bambi O’Hara had to say about Religion before taking to the stage:

“It’s about when your friends, family or loved ones believe a different religion or faith to what you believe and the struggles and confusion that might arise from that and the emotions you have to push through.”

Check out the performance below:

For more on Bambi O’Hara, head over to her Instagram.