Bandi Performs ‘Lay Low’ Live From Happy


Kiwi-Brazilian artist Bandi swung by our new studio, Noise Machines, for a beautiful stripped-back performance of her song ‘Lay Low’ for our NZ Music Month Live From Happy series.

‘Lay Low’ comes from Bandi’s latest EP ‘Bittersweet’ which was released early March this year (2023) and produced by Ten.Oh (Canadian Music Producer Jake Lepp).

Avid’s support made this Live from Happy session possible, using their Pro Tools Software and Carbon Pre Audio Interfaces.

NZ Music Month runs throughout May and we’re showcasing some of NZ’s best new artists. This year NZ music month is celebrating ‘Community and Collaboration’ this year.

In Australia to play at our very own 2022 Needle in the Hay finalists party back in April, Bandi came by earlier to give us a stunning electric guitar and vocal performance of ‘Lay Low’.

You could really feel all the emotions of the track with Bandi’s impeccable vocal performance and the beautiful guitar playing from Georgia.

Here’s what Bandi had to say about ‘Lay Low’ before taking the stage:

“I’m here at Happy for a live performance for my song Lay Low off my debut EP Bittersweet, this song is about relationships and tough times and learning to be a little bit more independent.

I hope you guys like it!”

Check out the performance below:

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